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Mack Truck Repair

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Carbon Fibre Prosthetic Braces

Repair Process

(1) This is the Front Clip of a
Mustang Race Car that was
involved in a large crash.

(2)  The car made heavy impact
with the wall and suffered a
resulting fire destroying the
Carbon Fibre Front Clip.

(3)  The part was so badly
damaged that it was agreed
that it was unrepairable and
a new part was needed.

(4)  A large fire damaged
section is removed.

(5) Plywood bulkheads are
introduced to achieve correct
shape,alignment and stiffness
to allow future moulding.

(6)  That is why excessive
amounts of body filler
can be used to recreate
the part’s shape from nothing.

(7) Part is flipped over
and top is to be repaired.

(8) Completed repair ready
for moulding. Underside
moulding is already completed.

(9) Moulding is done in separate
bolt-together parts to allow
for removal of new part to be made
from Mould

(10) Completed Mould prior
to edge and flange trimming.ip.

(11) New mould being
used to manufacture
new Carbon Fibre front clip

(12) Infusion requires a
planned network of
Resin feed lines and
Vacuum ports.

(13) When lay-up is complete
Bagging is sealed over part.

(14) Brand new part produced
from mould taken from
old part.

(15) Because the new part
was Vacuum Infused
it only weighs 13kg or
28.6 pounds.

(16) New carbon fibre mustang
front clip.