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DimensionsSize – 300mm x 250mm x 1.5mm. Weight – 160g

DimensionsSize – 300mm x 250mm x 3mm. Weight – 240g ( with one layer of soric foam core )

Brand New single sided twill weave vacuum infused carbon flat sheet panel measuring 30cm x 25cm. This is clear gelcoated with a glossy finish.

Brand – Superleggera Carbon Fibre. Proudly made in Sydney, Australia. This is dry vacuum infused carbon. You cannot purchase this superior quality brand anywhere else.

Advanced composite manufacturing process of vacuum infusion involving a dry carbon lay-up of Toray Twill 3K Carbon fabric and back layer of plain weave 3K woven fabric sandwiching a layer of high performance double bias stitched e-glass for increased strength and fine-crack resistance when or if drilled through or hole sawn through. Has the option of having a layer of soric core in the middle.  Layers are infused with high quality derakane epoxy vinyl ester resin offering higher heat distortion (HDT) than ordinary epoxy resins and finished in UV stabilised clear gelcoat ensuring zero deterioration from the sun and the elements.