Regency Media

  • Here in Australia we are at the mercy of the international suppliers as we are so remote compared to the rest of the world, with exuberant pricing and huge lead times due to equipment suppliers now requiring orders before production of hi tech spare parts, leaves us with equipment sitting idle not producing for extended periods of time. Until now, with this new relationship we here at Regency Media have developed with Superleggera we are able to reverse engineer these parts and manufacture them locally, which in turn reduces costs and lead times, keeping our equipment productive. I would highly recommend Mike and Supperleggera for any R&D or reproduction work of intricate carbon fibre FMCG components, his dedication and perfectionism was prominent during our reproduction of our Carbon Fibre Slick inserters for our DVD assembly line, after which we had a perfect working replacement at a fraction of the cost of our OEM supplier.

    Michael Mitry
    Michael Mitry Engineering and Quality Manager Regency Media

Regency Media approached Superleggera to assist them with a solution for a damaged DVD Slick Inserter for their DVD assembly line. They needed to repair or replace this part and their only available option at that time was to deal with an overseas company that offered a part that was expensive, had a long lead time to supply and minimal after sales support due to geographical constraints.

Consultation between Regency and us conceived the plan to reverse engineered the existing part in order to produce our own version, locally made at less than half the cost with follow up support.

The client was pleased with the results having established a cheaper, quicker local alternative to the repair and supply of a part that suffer wear and tear through continual use.