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Superleggera Carbon Fibre was established by Mike Jackson in 2004 following a brief period working with Jim Taylor at Superior Glass Works in the USA.

Initially specialising in hand laid fiberglass moulds and products, Mike would eventually see more benefits and relevance in concentrating on carbon fibre manufacture due to its continuing emergence and demand as a new technology replacing fiberglass, plastics and alloys in certain applications.

With extensive experience in bespoke design and manufacture of carbon fiber for motorsport applications, Superlegerra has developed a broad skills and knowledge base of carbon fibre manufacture that allows us to offer clients simple, cost effective, tailored solutions utilizing carbon fiber and/or Kevlar to realise new possibilities.

Superleggera also offers Australian based clients the opportunity to work with a local manufacturer giving them more personal service, dealing in local currency, laws and without language and communication barriers associated with dealing overseas.