The 2015 Smart ForFour Has our Attention.

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 So, who among you all have been paying attention to the automotive blogs as of late? For those of you that haven’t been paying attention, the word on the street is that the 2015 Smart ForFour is going to be the next subcompact car for everyone to own.

2015 smart for4 For 2015 Mercedes Benz owned Daimler Automotive Group has put forth a great amount of funding for this new version of their world renown Smart car to look even better than before. It’s been about 6 whole years since the last Smart ForFour was released to the world, and its following wasn’t very large to say the least. This model has a bold, spunky new look that’s been described as playful yet innovative. Exterior cues are like nothing you’ve ever seen before. Smooth round lines, trick the eyes into believing that this car actually has a face, and it’s kind of smiling at you. Once you get past its front fascia, you’ll find that the overall body shape of the ForFour has been dramatically changed. The main feature are the rear passenger doors that almost open a full 90 degrees for the rear passengers to enter, and exit from. Beyond the doors, are more of those curves that everyone is talking about.

 Inside of the 2015 Smart ForFour are more than a handful of electronics that’s sole purpose is to not only keep you safe, but keep you occupied. Some of the new features of smart for4 2015the ForFour are the optional Lane Keeping technology, Forward Collision Awareness, and a new Crosswind Safety option. Unbeknownst to myself, but apparently the designers over at the Smart camp listened to a lot of drivers, and many of them complained about being caught up in crosswinds, or turbulent winds that are rolling off of truck when you try to overtake it. The Smart’s small size doesn’t allow for the air to just pass over it, but instead it sort of gets shoved around when the wind does hit it. So Smart programmed the ECU to recognize when this is happening, and basically control the amount of power, and braking that’s going to the wheels at that time. In short, if you get hit with a strong wind, you wont go out of control when it happens. Other than the safety features, Smart threw in a pretty stout sound system that pumps music through over 12 speakers inside of that little cabin. Also the driver gets a multifunction leather wrapped steering wheel, and a center stack that has enough tech to keep the second in command occupied too.

smart for4 2015 Power for this little tike will come in two forms, both being petrol. The first is a 0.9L, turbocharged 3 cylinder engine that makes about 66Kw of power, and the other option is a 1.0L N/A 3 cylinder that makes 52Kw of power. It sounds very small, but considering that you can opt for a 5 speed manual, or 6 speed automatic, and the size of the car, you really can’t expect too much. Well regardless of all of that, this new 2015 Smart ForFour is vying to take on the likes of the Mini in the sense that it will soon outsell, and perhaps out shine the Mini. Well let’s not get ahead of ourselves, baby steps people. Pricing for the 2015 Smart ForFour has not yet been officially released as of yet, but speculations put the price about 650 to 825 dollars over the price of the outgoing Smart ForTwo. Just keep in mind that this new Smart isn’t even on the main website yet, so you still may need to wait until about September if you really want one of this cars.