Marveling At The 2014 Nissan GTR.

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 The 2014 Nissan GTR, is one of the worlds most talked about cars on the planet. Well to be brutally honest, the GTR by itself has been the talk of the town since its introduction back in 2007. And today, we are going to revel in its all powerful glory for a few minutes just because a lot of us here at are die hard, “ GTR Fans”.

 So, the Nissan GTR, a car that became more than famous when it drove its waynissan gtr 2014 into, “The 2 Second Club”. At the time, there weren’t too many other cars on the planet that could accomplish what the GTR and two other competitors were able to do. The accomplishment would be accelerating to 60mph (97 km/h) in under 3 seconds. Hence the namesake. The three cars that were able to do it were the Bugatti Veyron, the Porsche 911 GT, and Nissan GTR. The Veyron had the GTR, and Porsche beat hands down with a blistering 2.5 second mark, but the damage was done when the GTR was able to keep pace with the mighty beast from the VW Group. Soon after word got out that the GTR was a force to be reckoned with, orders began to flood Nissan dealerships all over the world.


 From that point forward the Japanese made Nissan GTR has almost become a 2014 nissan gtrbenchmark for where a certain standard of Sports Car should be. The GTR pretty much has been pitted up against other Sports Cars, the likes of the Corvette, the Camaro, the Porsche 911 GT2 & GT3, and even that line up of power didn’t stop the GTR, aka Godzilla from remaining on the prowl. Soon after you would see videos of GTR’s racing against Ferraris, Lamborghinis, and the occasional SLS AMG Mercedes Benz. As a matter of fact the GTR’s popularity had been so great that there have been tuning groups that have dedicated all of their hard work, and efforts in building the ultimate GTR. AMS Performance has a tuning package that has been dubbed the Alpha Ronin, and it will turn your off the shelf 565Hp (421Kw) all aluminum, twin turbo V6 engine into a monstrous, fire breathing, asphalt eating 1850Hp (1379Kw) beast on wheels. These guys take what they do very seriously.

 As it stands now, the 2014 Nissan GTR is nothing more than an upgraded, and an even more easy to drive car, than it was in 2013. To put it mildly, the designers at Nissan figured, instead of changing the look of the car, let’s just gtr nissan 2014make it go faster, and easier to drive. The level of technology that is in one 2014 Nissan GTR is simply astounding. The amount of computing that goes on per second would choke a MAC computer in a heartbeat, and the funny thing is, the GTR’s ECU is a quarter of the size of an Airbook. Anyway, for 2014 the GTR is still awesome, and is still one of the best handling cars in the world. Its overly sophisticated AWD system, provides power to not only all of the wheels, but any one of the wheels when it’s absolutely needed. For those days when its a lot wetter out, and even the Audi drivers are a bit squeamish behind the wheel, the GTR prevails, and is able to handle it all. Even on hot dry days, the 2014 Nissan GTR does nothing but adhere itself to the ground better than white on rice.

 Inside of the Nissan GTR, a driver is met with a ton of switches, and buttons that will either make the car almost drive itself, or make your job of driving, a bit more exciting. And by that, I simply mean if you turn off the ECU, you can then be able to have some more fun in the way of power slides, short drifts, and 2014 nissan gtrpowering your way through turns that seem to want to pull your face off. The GTR is still a 2+2 Sportscar, but you can only imagine that the only people squeezing into the rear seats are some slender girls that aren’t any bigger than 5 foot 5 inches tall. Minus the heels. Regardless of who’s actually in there, everyone will feel the torque of all 421Kw of power throwing them back into their seats, as they hurdle forward to a top speed of 313 km/h. For what it’s worth the 2014 Nissan GTR, or any GTR that was made after 2010 would be a prized possession for any man, or woman to own, and drive. There are many fast cars out there roaming around the streets of the world, but none of them really have the reputation, the stamina, and the drive that GTR has.